Curried Chicken Skewer
Marinated chicken breast with a curried dip (gf /df option) (served hot or cold)


Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewer
Marinated chicken breast with sweet chilli  sauce (df/df option) ( served hot or cold)


Salmon Mousse Crostini
Salmon, beetroot, fennel served on crispy crostini (df/gf option)


Sausage rolls
Pork sausage & herbs & chilli flakes with puff pastry. (hot or cold) (gf/df option)


Veggie Roll
Vegetarian - Vegan
Mushroom, leek  & red onion puff pastry roll (gf/df vegan option)


Sirloin of Beef Yorkshire Pudding

Parsnip mash & djonnaise sauce (df,/gf option)


Smoked Haddock & Salmon Fish Cake ((df/gf option)

with samphire  & tartare sauce


Mushroom & Walnut Mousse Crostini 

Vegetarian (df/gf vegan option)


Prawn & Mango 
Sweet Chilli drizzle & Rocket  (df,gf)


Chorizo & Sweet Potato
Chorizo sausage with sweet potato &  red pepper & honey (gf,df)


Smoked Salmon, Red Pepper & Soft Cheese  Blinis  (df/gf option)


Macaroni Cheese Bites

Breaded macaroni cheese bites (served warm)



Vegetable Tortilla Tart

Red onion, peppers,  peas,  sweet potato, mixed herbs  (gf) (df) (served warm)


Roasted Peppers &  Sweet Potato Guacamole Blinis (gf/df option)

with Soft Cheese 

vegetarian (vegan option)


Devils on Horseback
Baked prunes wrapped in bacon (df,gf) (served hot or cold)


Olive stuffed Date
Dates filled with soft cheese and black olive (gf)

Mozzarella, Tomato ,Olive & Basil
Mozzarella, , sun dried tomato, olive (gf)



Duck Breast Blinis

Duck breast, sweet potato, spring onion, pomegranate & beetroot crisp (gf, df option)


Cheese & Pineapple
Mature cheddar cheese with pineapple (gf)

Cheese Tomato Branstons

Mature Cheddar Cheese, tomato & branston pickle


Cheese &  Silverskin Onion
Mature cheddar with silver skin onion (gf)


Vegan  Bruschetta 

Sautéed onion, tomato, mushrooms, herbs & olive  crispy vegan bread (df,gf)


Prosciutto, Melon & Basil
Cured ham, melon & basil (gf) (df)


Coronation Chicken Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding with chicken breast in a lightly curried dressing (gf option)


Fig & Goats Cheese Crostini
Crostini topped with fig; Goats cheese & balsamic


Greek Salad
Feta cheese, red onion, olive, cucumber, tomato, oregano & olive oi (gf) 




Canape Sweet Bites 


 Scone Clotted cream & Jam 


Vanilla  Cheesecake 


Lemon Posset


Chocolate Cake


Victoria Sponge 


Orange & Walnut  Polenta cake 


Apple & Almond Cake


Fruit Salad Skewer 


Cheese $ Biscuit  




Vintage Afternoon Tea


Finger Sandwiches
3 per person
Ham & Mustard
Cheese & Pickle
Hummus & Cucumber


5 Canape Bites :

Salmon Mousse Crostini
Mushroom & Walnut  Mousse Crostini 
Sausage Roll

Vegetable Tortilla tart

Smoked Salmon ,Red Pepper  & Soft Cheese Blinis


3 Sweet Canape Bites:

Lemon Posset
Chocolate Cake
Orange Polenta & Walnut Cake

Scone, Jam & Clotted cream.

Selection of tea



Cream Tea
2 Scones, served with Clotted Cream, Jam & selection of teas




 Mini Grill Sliders


Mini Brioche Burgers

Mini Brioche Chicken Burgers

Mini Brioche Veggie Burgers

Mini Hot dogs






Minimum order 20 persons


Afternoon Tea £22  per person 

Cream Tea £8.50 per person 

Mini Grills £5

6 mixed canapes £10.50  per person  




Many of our canapes & desserts can be changed for dietary requirements 



Food Allergy Notice

If you (or guests) have a food allergy or special dietary requirements, please inform us when placing your orders 

 We follow best practices at all times

We would like to stress that our menu is prepared in an environment where allergens are used. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the food will be completely allergen free for severe cases.




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